Woodline Parquetry Floors

Woodline Parquetry Floors

Whole Wood is proud to offer floors by Woodline Parquetry -- good looking, hard wearing and simple to maintain.

Woodline Parquetry Flooring Collections

  • After Oak Collection
  • Antique Collection
  • Castle Collection
  • Colors Collection
  • Fashion Collection
  • Lifestyle Collection
  • Origins Collection
  • Patterns Collection

Why Woodline Parquetry Floors?

Huge range of wood, colours and finishes

Woodline Parquetry's extensive range of wood options, colours and finishes across eight unique collections means you have more than one thousand different options to choose from.

A long-term investment that adds value

You will get to enjoy your Woodline Parquetry floor twice over. Firstly, during home ownership and then all over again when it’s time to sell. With the majority of homebuyers dreaming of a wood floor our engineered flooring is an investment that adds long-term value and ticks the “must have” box for prospective purchasers.

Long lasting

Woodline Parquetry's low maintenance hardwood floors feature a scratch resistant coating and have been engineered to withstand everyday living. Follow their simple maintenance instructions and your floor will last a lifetime!

Perfect fit and finish

Woodline Parquetry intelligent engineering means that once installed our flooring will sense and acclimate to its surrounding environment and create the perfect fit. Because their floors are handcrafted with rigorous quality control they can guarantee consistency of finish – none of the gaps, bowing, uneven edges or height differences between boards that you get with traditional timber.

Splash proof and easy to clean

All you need is a vacuum, broom and a mop. Seriously, it’s that simple. However, if over time, the sheen on the floor diminishes due to natural wear and tear from foot traffic, it is easily revitalized using recommended products.

Reduces allergens in the home

Intelligent engineering also means a seamless finish which contributes to healthier home environments. Unlike timber floors, Woodline Parquetry's flooring won’t trap dirt or harbor dust mites and allergens.

Easy to install

Designed to be quick and easy to install you’ll be walking on your Woodline Parquetry floor within 24 hours. No unpleasant chemical smell, no mess, no time-consuming lacquer or days waiting for varnish to dry that comes with the installation of traditional flooring.

Planet friendly

Last but certainly not least, Woodline Parquetry's engineered hardwood floors are environmentally friendly. Their wood is responsibly sourced and certified. It may surprise you to know that they use timber more efficiently, and with less impact on the environment than a traditional timber floor. That’s called planet friendly peace of mind!

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