Green Whole Wood

Attention Whole Wood customers!

One of our competitors is trying to trick you. They have created a website: greenwholewood dot com to try to trick google users into going to the wrong website.

Green Whole Wood

Please don't fall for it! There is only one Whole Wood and you have found us at WHOLEWOOD.COM

Meanwhile, there are 3 sites (that we know of) for this one company, including:

  • factorydirectfloor dot com (San Leandro address)
  • factorydirectfloor dot net (no address, appointment only)
  • greenwholewood dot com (different San Leandro address which is actually a mattress store)

So please do your due diligence. Whole Wood has been in business 10+ years at this location for a reason! We truly deliver value to the San Francisco Bay Area and will continue to do so for many years to come.