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Bamboo Flooring at Whole Wood

Bamboo Flooring is An Excellent Alternative to Traditional Hardwood Flooring

Our bamboo flooring - like most bamboo in the world - originates in China and is an excellent alternative to hardwoods.

Bamboo is actually a grass and not a hardwood, but it's just as strong and durable. It's resistant to moisture and insects and, best of all, it's eco friendly! It grows very quickly and reaches full maturity in 3-5 years. Because the root system stays intact upon harvesting, you don't even have to replant.

There is also an ecological argument against bamboo flooring because of deforestation in Asia to grow bamboo. Whole Wood is fanatical about making sure that the flooring we sell in the San Francisco Bay Area doesn't come from these areas. Whole Wood wants to make sure we continue to be the best place to buy bamboo floors in the SF Bay Area for many years to come.

Why Should You Consider Bamboo Floors?

What sets bamboo apart as a compelling alternative to traditional hardwood flooring? One undeniable factor is its striking beauty—our showroom offers an awe-inspiring array of options that you can see for yourself. In addition, modern manufacturing techniques have significantly enhanced the durability of bamboo, as evidenced by its impressive Janka hardness ratings. Our collection of flooring styles ranges from a respectable 1,200 on the Janka scale to an astounding 4,000.

This top-tier, 4,000 Janka-rated option consistently captivates our customers, and we invite you to our San Carlos showroom and warehouse to personally experience its superior quality. Step in and feel the remarkable difference beneath your feet!

Waterproof Bamboo Flooring - Ideal Use Cases!

Bamboo flooring stands out as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional hardwood, offering both durability and a unique aesthetic appeal. One of the most noteworthy attributes of bamboo flooring is its inherent water resistance, which can be further engineered to reach near-waterproof standards. This makes bamboo an exceptional choice for areas of the home prone to moisture exposure, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements.

Unlike many traditional hardwoods that are susceptible to warping or staining when exposed to water, bamboo maintains its structural integrity, making it a practical option for a wide range of environments. Infused with modern engineering techniques to bolster its natural attributes, bamboo flooring delivers a robust and waterproof surface without sacrificing visual appeal.

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