Mountain View Hardwood Flooring

Nice photo of white oak hardwood flooring.
White Oak
Good example of walnut hardwood flooring.
Beautiful example of solid Mahogany hardwood flooring.
Photograph example of maple hardwood floor from Whole Wood.
Close-up photo of Hickory hardwood flooring.
Beautiful example of SOLID Santos Mahogany hardwood flooring.
Santos Mahogany
closeup of Red Oak Hardwood Flooring
Red Oak
The beautiful planks of Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring are suitable everywhere.
Brazilian Cherry

What is unique about home design and construction in Mountain View, CA?

Housing design and construction in Mountain View, California has some specific characteristics:

  1. Modern Architecture: Many homes in Mountain View feature modern architectural styles with clean lines, large windows, and indoor-outdoor living spaces.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Given the city's focus on technology and sustainability, many homes in Mountain View are built to be energy efficient, incorporating features such as efficient heating and cooling systems, double-paned windows, and smart home technology.
  3. Use of Natural Materials: In keeping with the city's proximity to nature, many homes in Mountain View incorporate natural materials such as wood, stone, and glass into their design.
  4. Open Floor Plans: Open floor plans are a common feature in Mountain View homes, allowing for flexible and spacious living spaces.
  5. Accessibility: Many homes in Mountain View are designed to be accessible, with features such as ramps, widened doorways, and low-pile carpeting for those with mobility issues.

Overall, homes in Mountain View tend to be modern, spacious, and built with a focus on sustainability, accessibility, and high-quality construction.

What kind of hardwood flooring is popular in these Mountain View homes?

In Mountain View, California, hardwood flooring styles that are popular include:

  1. Engineered hardwood: Engineered hardwood is a versatile option that is easy to install and maintain. It is made from thin layers of real hardwood and can be stained to match any decor.
  2. Solid hardwood: Solid hardwood flooring is made from one piece of hardwood and is available in a wide range of species and stains. It is a popular option for its durability and classic look.
  3. Bamboo flooring: Bamboo flooring is a sustainable option that has gained popularity in recent years. It is durable, attractive, and available in a variety of styles and colors.
  4. Wide-plank flooring: Wide-plank flooring is becoming more popular in Mountain View due to its rustic, warm and classic look. It is available in a variety of species and stains and can be finished to suit any decor.

These are some of the most popular hardwood flooring styles in Mountain View, but there are many other options to choose from as well, including exotic species, distressed and hand-scraped finishes. The best option will depend on individual preferences, budget, and the specific needs of a home.

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