Hardwood Flooring for San Rafael, California

The beautiful planks of Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring are suitable everywhere.
Brazilian Cherry
Beautiful example of SOLID Santos Mahogany hardwood flooring.
Santos Mahogany
Photograph example of maple hardwood floor from Whole Wood.
Good example of walnut hardwood flooring.
Nice photo of white oak hardwood flooring.
White Oak
Beautiful example of solid Mahogany hardwood flooring.
closeup of Red Oak Hardwood Flooring
Red Oak
Close-up photo of Hickory hardwood flooring.

Why is hardwood flooring popular in San Rafael?

San Rafael is known for its diverse range of housing styles, from modern to traditional. The city is known for its commitment to sustainability and the use of high-quality materials. Additionally, San Rafael housing is designed to fit into the existing landscape, preserving and enhancing the natural beauty of the area.

Hardwood is a popular choice for floors in San Rafael homes since it is a durable and stylish option that can fit into any style of home. It is also a sustainable choice, as hardwood floors can be refinished to look like new, often several times over its lifetime. Additionally, hardwood floors have the potential to increase the overall energy efficiency of a home due to the natural insulation properties of the wood.

Why do so many San Rafael homeowners and business get their flooring from Whole Wood?

We may be slightly to the south (about 20 minutes south of San Francisco on the 101) but our hardwood floors are all over Marin. Why? Because Whole Wood has the best pricing and selection in the entire San Francisco Bay Area. How can they do this? Because of our size! We have a gigantic showroom + warehouse ... where we probably have the flooring you want IN STOCK!

We are also popular because we work with a lot of contractors and we can give recommendations for installers. We are flexible and we understand sometimes you aren't ready for the flooring yet... don't worry, you can store it in our warehouse for up to a year! This is the kind of service that makes Whole Wood so popular in San Rafael and greater Marin county.

Featured now at Whole Wood: Riva Floors

Riva Floors are perfect for modern Marin families -- as you can feel great about these styles of floors. Riva Floors is famous for their work with the Malembe Objective, an orphanage in the Republic of Congo. They are also known for their sustainability best practices and respecting the environment as a priority.

If you live in Marin, you care about these things. And you also care about this super high quality hardwood flooring. These designs are elegant and sophisticated... grounded in European excellence.

Whole Wood usually has 5 or 6 styles (RivaMax, RivaMetro, Sapphire, etc.) on hand including variations of those signature styles. The word isn't really out yet about Riva Floors but our analytics say that San Rafael homeowners are at the forefront of discovery... alas, this special paragraph. Feel free to call ahead so you can research and then know you are coming to the right place: Whole Wood!

How to get the best Hardwood Floors if you live in San Rafael, CA

In our opinion, it's worth the trip south to the Peninsula to see our GIGANTIC showroom plus warehouse. It's just off the 101.

At Whole Wood, we want to provide you with all the tools and information you need to make an informed flooring decision. If you can't find the product or information you want, let us know by filling out our contact form. One of our team members will respond to your request. We also have large selections of laminates and bamboo so check those out too!

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Whole Wood is different than the other discount stores... we are a HUGE FLOORING SHOWROOM and also a MASSIVE WAREHOUSE. This means we have better selection, availability, and pricing than all the other flooring stores in the San Francisco Bay Area!

Because our showroom is so large, social distancing is easy. Come visit us or give us a call to find out about discounts and availability for the flooring you are looking for!

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