Mohawk Flooring

Mohawk Flooring

Whole Wood is proud to offer Mohawk Flooring, manufacturer of affordable hardwood floorings for people with sophisticated taste.

Mohawk Flooring Styles


Revolutionary step in flooring that gives you all the beauty of hardwood without compromising performance.


Enhanced engineered construction resists expansion and contraction from humidity changes. Comes in plank or longstrip format in various widths.


Each plank is a solid piece of wood from the finest domestic and exotic hardwoods. Available in several widths, planks are generally 3/4" thick.

Luxury Vinyl

Spill resistant. Great for families with kids and pets!

Mohawk Flooring - Homestead Retreat Hickory

Mohawk Flooring for all tastes

Smooth and textured surfaces! Light, medium, and dark shades!

Wood flooring has long been a hallmark of sophisticated taste and style, whether urban or rustic, contemporary or vintage. Prized for its natural beauty and timeless appeal, wood in the home provides richness and warmth. And thanks to the latest Mohawk technology, hardwood elegance can now be achieved in any home and in any room of the house.

Children and pets. Kitchens, baths and basements. No matter the home. No matter the room. Mohawk has a wood floor that’s right for you.

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