Monarch Plank Floors

Monarch Plank Floors Hardwood Flooring

Monarch Plank Floors creates very fine handcrafted wide-plank hardwood flooring that is then finished with the latest European coloring and texturing techniques. Monatch's floors feature top-quality construction for superior stability, sawn top layers, and long length boards. All of their oak floors are made with Western European Oak, which Whole Wood believes provides the best canvas for creating beautiful floors. American and Russian Oak simply cannot compare to the fine grain structure and color of true European Oak. Special note: we DO NOT use Russian Oak for environmental, aesthetic and performance reasons.

Monarch Plank Pre-finished Engineered Flooring

A variety of collections and price levels, stocked and ready for shipment. Contact Whole Wood today to check out current availability and pricing. These sweet wide planks are very popular and while we always try to keep them in stock... it can be challenging.

Monarch Plank Artisan’s Preferred Unfinished Engineered Flooring

These floors are favored by craftsmen who opt to finish their own flooring... featuring marine-grade Birch plywood substrate and thick, sawn top layers in European Oak, Walnut and Hickory! Get all the longevity of solid wood flooring with superior stability with Artisan's Unfinished. There is no finer unfinished wood flooring on the market.

Monarch Plank ‘Finished-to-Order’ Pre-finished Engineered Flooring

Finished in our California factory using our Artisan’s Preferred unfinished platform. Choose from one of our gorgeous standard offerings, or create your own custom floor. Call Whole Wood. and see what we have... we can also order if need be.

Custom Parquet

Epic patterns that bring old world elegance into the most discerning spaces.

Matching Moldings

Including stair treads, to ensure that every last detail of your floor is complete.

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