Pravada Floors

Pravada Hardwood Floors

Looking for a Timeless Style? Pravada Floors might be for you.

Pravada engineers many styles of hardwood flooring including: wire-brushed wood, distressed wood, rough sawn wood, and hand-scraped wood.

Whole Wood is proud to offer Pravada Floors. Their collections include:

Artistique | Canvas | Decor | Haute Couleur | Exotics | Residence | Loft | Heritage | Ferme Chic | Avenue Chic | Pure Touch Laminate | Evolve Laminate | Underlayments | La Soleil | and more!!

Pravada's Exotics Collection is really something special

With an array of stunning colors and design features, Pravada's Exotics Collection brings rare wood species and fuses them into absolutely beautiful floors. They really liven up the room!

Come check out our selection of Pravada Floors today!

How are Pravada Floors eco-sustainable?

Pravada Floors are ENGINEERED which means there are multiple layers of wood. While the layer you see and walk on is indeed hardwood floor, the structures underneath are ecologically harvested Eucalyptus Plywood.

Pravada is also California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant and Lacey Act compliant.

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